apply for child tax credit - how it works

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apply for child tax credit - how it works

The State power can apply correctly

If you have a child, most parents must inform the beginning about what public benefits, or grants you can apply for. The following procedure takes a closer look at the child allowance and explains how you can apply this.

A statement of the child tax credit

  • As a parent, you have the ability to decrease by applying for a children's allowance to your tax expenses.
  • As briefly mentioned in the introduction, the child tax credit is regulated similarly like the child benefit. The difference is that you get child benefit monthly and can make the child tax credit only on the wage tax return.
  • The tax-free child allowance there is equal to the statutory minimum subsistence level of a child. According to Clause § 31 and 32 in the Income Tax Act that those allowances of family support should serve. Depending on how high is your taxable income, this will turn out accordingly.
  • Furthermore, it is of great relevance, how many children you have. There are three subdivisions: One or two children, three children and four or more children. To find out the amount of child allowance, you should contact your local tax office.

may apply for Performance

  1. As mentioned earlier, you can apply for the child tax credit only at your local tax office. This goes hand in hand with your tax return. You must specify the number of children, or the children for whom you want to apply for child support. For this purpose the form "system Child" is provided, which need to be filled additionally.
  2. Then you need the tax office - after filing the tax return - approve your allowances. All corrections can be made by the end of the current calendar year on the traditional income tax card.
  3. Once the tax office has all the information checked, it will tell you the amount of child allowance. This process can take several months.
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