apply for disability percentages - so proceed correctly before

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apply for disability percentages - so proceed correctly before

Fill out an application properly made!

Prerequisite for Disabled Percent

  • By law, there is a disability if the physical function, mental capacity or psychological health for more than six months or less the typical state of age and thus life is impaired in society. If you experience this condition is true, you can apply for disability percentages.
  • Disabilities are people with a disability of at least 50%. Unless you have your home and work in Germany. If you have 50%, you can use the disability percentages increase by possibly newly occurring diseases.

fill application for disability determination right

  1. The application for a disability determination (in this example for Bayern) you can fill out online or download on the Internet. but you can have the application send also from the security office.
  2. If you have an application for disability percentages in front of him, you should be careful, as completely and accurately fill it, as you can only. First, you should tick the box "detection of a degree of disability of at least ...".
  3. Next, enter in section 1 and 2 a your identity and your nationality. If you are not a frontier worker, you do not fill in this field.
  4. In Section 3, you now carry your diseases in an environment where you have been more than 6 months and tick the causes. You must not enter any technical terms, if you do not know, for example, spinal disorder instead LWS HWS BWS syndrome.
  5. In Section 4 tick, if you need a wheelchair or not.
  6. In Section 5, enter the name and the exact address of your family doctor.
  7. In Section 6 Enter all other doctors, in which you are in treatment and because of which disease you were there or are a. Caution - exact address and name are important!
  8. In section 7 you write a all rehabilitation and hospital care the last 2 years and whether soon which are planned. If you can not enter anything in this field, leave it blank.
  9. In Section 8, enter something only if you have already submitted an application for disability percentages or court has requested a determination. If so, please send with the relevant documents.
  10. If you get a pension for disability or a normal retirement pension, complete section 9 of.
  11. If you are blind or visual acuity after correction is not more than 2% or a visual defect is present, complete Section 10 of.
  12. In section 11 enter your health and nursing care, and whether a request was made to care services and whether a care level has been set.
  13. In section 12, enter not yet specified points where still documents, reports or findings on examination are. If this is not the case, leave the field.
  14. In section 13, you can choose where you want to pick up your severely handicapped. It can be purchased but only if your disability percentages above 50% are.
  15. Finally, you sign the application and the 3 consent forms. The consent forms are required to request medical reports from the doctors stated.
  16. Send all completed documents to the Center for Family and Social Affairs or enter it into your community - then the application for you will be forwarded.

Now, all the findings of your doctors are evaluated and the disability percentages are determined. You will be notified in writing how much percentages have received.

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