apply for pension card - so it'll work

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apply for pension card - so it'll work

You do not need to apply for the pension card.

You can receive a pension book many perks, this should always be followed, to ensure the retirement is sweetened slightly. Note the following in order to apply for pension card, if you have your lost or need a new one.

To apply for a pension card

You should know that you will not receive benefits for retirees, if you identify yourself as a retiree. You will need the pension card. Once you have a pension, get the pension card automatically sent with your pension decision. You do not have to apply for it at the first time now. You will also receive at each adjustment of your pension a new pension card.

  1. Have you already received your pension card and later lost, so you apply for a new one. To do so, the pension system and apply for the certificate stating that you receive retirement benefits. This certificate replaces your pension card.
  2. Then get updates of your remuneration, automatically receive a new card with your pension application without apply for it separately.

Find out more about the pension card

  • The pension card is issued by the pension insurance.
  • Anyone who wants to apply for the pension card, then many perks, such. As obtained when tickets or municipal facilities.
  • Basically, you do not have the pension certificate apply additionally, but it is included in your first payment notice. You know him because he is black and white and shades at the corners, so you can easily cut it. You should enter the pension card after cutting in a plastic bag and keep it in your purse, so you can produce it, if you can get a discount.
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