apply for seizure protection account - how it works

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apply for seizure protection account - how it works

On the garnishment protection account Your monthly basic needs is safe.

What is a seizure protection account

  • A garnishment protection account, also called P-account is a normal checking account for daily cashless payments. The Bank makes an application for seizure protection for a P-account. In practice this means on a P-account are monthly 985.15 euros pledge safely. This amount increases when the breadwinner.
  • The P-account is a credit account. There can be no line of credit to be set up and it can also not be overdrawn. You can usually obtain a P-account customer of the bank no EC / maestro card but a bank card with which you can withdraw money only to the bank's own machines.

make sure current account distraint

  • Everyone must have a P-account, whether attachments already exist, whether they threaten, or if they are not to be expected. It is very easy to come to a P-account. You can leave your old account for free convert into a P-account by make a written declaration at the bank. The Bank is required when you apply for a garnishment protection account to perform the conversion within three business days.
  • The law states that everyone should just live a seizure protection account. Therefore, P-accounts are usually reported to the Schufa.
  • When you have one joint account, you can not convert it into a seizure protection account this. Then set up for each account holder a checking account, then one or both are conducted at the request as P-accounts of the.
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