apply Km money at the employment agency properly

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apply Km money at the employment agency properly

Km-money can be refunded

Km-money from the Employment Agency you can get only if you also called Unemployment Benefit I or Unemployment Benefit II Hartz IV refer. The km-money but will be granted only for trips to job interviews or training measures.

To apply km-money at job centers

  1. If you are invited in the search for a job by an employer to a personal interview, you can make a request for reimbursement of travel expenses at the Employment Agency.
  2. You must contact your case manager in office prior to travel. This can be done by phone. He then sends you immediately an application form to which you must fill out conscientiously.
  3. Among other things, you will need to enter the reason for the trip and the address of the employer. Furthermore, you must also specify the distance in km. but You should not exaggerate. The clerk at the employment agency check to the removal means directions.
  4. Of course you must also specify whether you use public transport or a car for an interview. You do not necessarily have their own car. You get the km-money even if you borrow a car.
  5. The company in which you perform the interview must confirm on the application form that you were actually there.
  6. Then send the form back to your Job Center. Until you have the km-money in your account, but it can take sometimes a couple of weeks.
  7. Km-money for skills training, in which you participate as a rule daily, you do not need to apply separately. Together with the registration form you fill the job center also equal to a request for reimbursement of travel expenses. Then you will be transferred monthly to your account the km-money.
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