Apply Knife Grinding - so knives are sharp again

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Apply Knife Grinding - so knives are sharp again

A knife sharpening machine makes in the kitchen for sharp knives.

Different techniques of a knife grinder

  • A knife sharpening machine with a dry sanding technique should be acquired only for occasional use. The steel is heated very quickly when editing and thereby softened.
  • High-quality knife should not work with this technique. For an occasional sharpening normal kitchen knife, such a machine is applicable.
  • A belt sander from the DIY store takes in an application on dry knife a lot of material in a short time, and the surface structure of the knife after grinding very coarsely. Most tapes available as accessories are not fine enough. The steel is heated and softened. Thus the knife is quickly unusable.
  • The burr removal after sanding with a buffing wheel is very dangerous. The blade can be pulled out of the hand and you have to run the knife firmly and securely. Again, the unwanted heating of the material plays an important role. The steel is softened at high temperature.

Knife grinding machine with water-cooled double cut

  • Water-cooled double grinder can prevent too rapid heating of the material and ensure a uniform cut in quality knives. With these machines, there are differences in quality. Recommended by professionals knife grinding from the company Tormek offer needful tools the proper technique.
  • Brackets for to be ground knife can be a good help even when cutting angle changes. In general, the safety is increased when grinding with the brackets.
  • The high stock removal of SuperGrind grinding wheel, the customer can change with a Siliziumkarbidstein, while the disc is somewhat finer in the grinding performance.
  • Good is at the machine from Tormek the leather honing wheel next to the wet grinding wheel. So the knife can be done shortly deducted. The burr is removed and the surface polished on the leather wheel.

The purchase of a knife grinder

  • Available the machines from Tormek are in two price categories, a simple, small machine costs around 300 euros and the larger version can be purchased for about 450 Euro.
  • You buy them at the company directly or via the tool retailers, for example, in Scheppach, the Dick GmbH or Dieter Schmid.
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