Apply paint roller correctly

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Apply paint roller correctly

To apply the paint roller.

Compared to brush the paint roller for larger areas is to apply much cleaner and usually means a huge time savings. Regardless very suitable with or without telescopic pole, the paint roller can be used flexibly and for painting of wall, ceiling, floor or other large areas. To apply the useful Prank tool at right:

You should note the paint-roller application

  • Before each painting with a different color, you should set up a new role to the holder of the paint roller to avoid possible discolouration or blemishes. Often even in thoroughly cleaned rolls any ink residue or lumps present which can sometimes significantly adversely affect the match result.
  • Ensure that the role of non-dusty, or other dirt is loaded so that it can be mixed into the paint. also dampen the clean roller before use easily with water that the fibers may better wet with paint.
  • You should also make sure that you put the purchase on high quality goods, since minderwärtige roles often lose individual fiber Häärchen and thus stick later along with the color of the wall or ceiling.

To apply to scooters

  1. If you use a scooter with a drip grid, insert the grid into a bucket, which is a maximum half-filled with the color to be used.
  2. Dip a paint roller into the paint, so that it is completely covered with paint. Now move two or three times over the drip tray without dunk again the paint roller into the paint.
  3. Now, the color should be evenly distributed on the paint roller and you can install a web paint on the wall. Drive from the center of the wall or surface first up and down and then drive one or two tracks next to it on without take color again. Then repeat the process until the area is completely deleted.
  4. If you use a color-shell instead of the drip grating, proceed similarly. Dip the roller initially in the color and then go two to three times over the ribbed surface to distribute the color perfectly. Then proceed as described in section 2 and 3. FIG.
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