Applying for an internship with the police - Notes

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Applying for an internship with the police - Notes

When applying to the police, you should note some.

Before applying to the police - check their own abilities

  • The police in NRW offers various possibilities of placements on for which you can submit an application: You can an internship as a pupil or student pass, a specific work placement, or to submit an application for an internship the college.
  • The job of a police officer, as well as the internships, very popular. Therefore, you should submit your application as early as possible. Moreover, an expressive and correct application does encourage you.
  • Before submitting this but you should get detailed information about whether you fit into the job description of a police officer. For this decision provides the police online self-check, you can fill in a few minutes to see if you qualify.
  • Furthermore, the police some prerequisites to an intern. This should have achieved a grade point average of about 2.5 to 2.9, have an active team player, reliable, self-confidence.
  • If these characteristics apply to you, and the self-check be positive, you can start using the application. Find out in advance with the local police, whether they are still bodies have to forgive for an intern. You can check this on the Internet, where you can check on the website of the police NRW on job vacancies.

Post Writing for the internship successfully

  • Since the police receives many applications from prospective interns, you should always make your application to correct Ausrucksweise and spelling. In addition, you should highlight your positive skills like sportsmanship and team spirit in the letter, which should be written like an application for a job.
  • Note that you can not apply online. Therefore, you should submit the final letter in the next office, or send it by registered mail.
  • Do not forget your certificates of the last two half-year, as well as settle a resume and any certificates of other activities.
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