Approval of a moped - Find out more

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Approval of a moped - Find out more

To obtain a new approval for an old moped. shiva_moon / Pixelio

If you buy a moped hand, you should of course make sure that you also get the associated approval. Just so you can be sure that it is not about a stolen vehicle. However, you know the seller, you can make the purchase without papers in good conscience, but you should then negotiate an appropriate discount.

Approval by the moped manufacturer

  • To obtain a new approval for a used moped, you must prove in each case that you are the rightful owner or it has not been reported stolen. For this, you can issue a so-called clearance certificate from the local police station. Normally, you have to show the moped there, so that the vehicle identification number in police registers can be checked. The clearance certificate you receive mostly free.
  • With this evidence, you can then try to contact the manufacturer, if your vehicle comes from a manufacturer that has its operation is not set in the meantime.
  • Can you reach the manufacturer, you must essentially tell him only the model and the chassis number. Some vendors maintain it also includes specific forms that you must return the completed.

Approval on the TÜV

  • If your moped manufacturers should no longer be available, please contact the vehicle registration office, you describe where the facts and set against the clearance certificate.
  • The Admission Board then gave an order to the TÜV, issued after a successful acceptance substitute documents for you. The cost of the technical inspection will be around € 50.
  • If the car is in good condition and are the new approval by TÜV was given, you must leave only authenticate to the licensing authority and may then allow the scooter to be.
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