Apps for the Samsung S5260 find - Notes

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Apps for the Samsung S5260 find - Notes

Many apps provide great entertainment.

Information on Samsung S5260

  • The Samsung Star II is available in two colors. You can buy it in black or white. In the previous, the Star I, there was still the color metallic red and pink. However, these are no longer available for Star II.
  • The design of the phone convinced. The sleek phone like with chrome trim and pretty average. It fits into any pocket and is comfortable to hold.
  • Regarding battery life, the Samsung S5260 is really good. 4.44 hours of talk maturity and 5.5 hours of online surfing with maximum display brightness it cuts right off well.
  • The delivery of the phone, however, is kept very simple. Besides phone a charging cable and a manual included. USB cable, as well as memory card or headset are not supplied as standard.
  • The radio can be initially not allowed, because a specialist headset is required as the antenna cable. The memory card will be relatively full quickly while surfing. With 25 MB, the mobile phone's internal memory card fills up quickly.

Apps for the Samsung S5260

  • The apps you can download for the Samsung S5260 which are called "widgets", which you can place on the Home screen.
  • These "widgets" can be downloaded on the button "Samsung Apps" on your phone.
  • The selection and variation of apps is not very large, such as in Apple or Android.
  • In addition to the AppStore on the phone itself, you can download various apps and then dragging them to the S5260 also on the Samsung website.
  • There are various websites on which apps are offered free of charge for the Samsung S5260. You should exercise caution. Read everything carefully and give careful that you do not end up in a cost trap.
  • The variation of Apps or "widgets" is not very large for the Samsung S5260. So if you attach importance to many apps, you should look for another cell phone with another operating system.
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