Apps for the Samsung s8000 - so it works with the applications

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Apps for the Samsung s8000 - so it works with the applications

How to use apps on your s8000.

download apps directly to s8000

  • If you want to download the apps that you want to load onto your Samsung s8000, directly, you need to first ensure that you have a working Internet connection.
  • Since no apps can be downloaded in an app store on this smartphone, you must select another provider on the Internet, which provides the various Apps of Java for your phone.
  • Enter this URL Simply in your phone's browser and search yourself then your model out by clicking on "Select phone".
  • Now you will see a variety of apps that work on your device and can easily be downloaded by clicking on the download button.
  • Then the app will automatically download and install on your phone, where you have to choose the folder to which the selected app will be saved.

Download s8000 applications on PC When Samsung

  • Should it not be possible to connect to the Internet with your Samsung s8000 you, you can download the apps on your PC and then copy to the mobile phone.
  • Proceed to said website and search again your phone out, so you can view their apps.
  • Following your decision you can download the various files of apps easily downloaded by clicking on "Free Download".
  • If the files are stored on your PC, connect it via your data cable to the s8000 and copy the downloaded files to your smartphone.
  • Normally, the respective apps will be installed automatically on your Samsung, so you can use the applications after installation.
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