Aptitude test AOK - Information and Preparation

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Aptitude test AOK - Information and Preparation

Many companies perform aptitude test.

Contents of an aptitude test and demarcation for setting test

  • An aptitude test differs from an employment test in the sense that he interrogates more skills than are needed for the actual location. In an employment test, one focuses only on existing skills for the explicit point.
  • In an aptitude test personality, concentration, intelligence and knowledge are tested. The aim is to find out here if you are suitable for a particular education or a job description.
  • Many companies, such. As the major health insurance company AOK use these kinds of aptitude tests to filter out from the large number of candidates the best possible. Here, the most use to elaborate standard tests.
  • In addition to the general knowledge further skills of personality, knowledge, intelligence and concentration are checked.
  • With a personality test, there is usually no right and wrong. Care is taken, how to deal with certain situations in everyday life.
  • In the General knowledge spelling and grammar, math and German are primarily queried. A good exercise to train your general knowledge is, if you read the newspaper daily.
  • The test for intelligence refers to the creative and spatial intelligence, logical thinking and spatial imagination.
  • Also concentration exercises belong to a fitness test. Here your skills for attention and memory skills are tested.

So you can prepare for the test with the AOK

The questions about an aptitude test are varied and complex. But there are some Internet portals where you can practice without any costs, such. As for the test with the AOK.

  1. On the right side you can see the tests offered at a glance.
  2. Click on the "professional test", hidden behind a general personality test.
  3. Click on "aptitude test" and confirm the message "test now start".
  4. The test will start immediately with questions, without having to register or need to login.
  5. The tests are constructed in multipe-choice. After users select an answer you get immediately indicate whether the answer was correct.
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