Arcade supervision are - these are the conditions

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Arcade supervision are - these are the conditions

The interior of the slot machines, you should not put a game room supervision.

Information on the tasks of a game room supervision

  • If you work as an oversight in a gambling hall, you must first be able to assess the age of the incoming people well. When in doubt, always ask for the ID card, since young people are not allowed in the arcade under 18 years.
  • Furthermore, you are a game room supervision by a service employee and responsible for satisfying customers.
  • You should be able to safely handle money and numbers to make no mistakes when changing from small change.
  • In addition, some technical interest beneficial. If a machine fails the service, are as game room supervision, the first person who searches for the error. Both your customers and your employer will be satisfied if the machine running, without requiring a technician must be called.
  • Depending on the size of the game room, you should be able to both work independently and as a team well. In smaller operations, the time ever be long, but any time you have to be willing to meet with people.
  • Since you have to pay attention to the provisions of law within the game room, you should be able to stay calm even in emotionally charged situations. It may happen that you need a person to force a break, literally.

The formal requirements for the profession of game room supervision

  • Most employers satisfies a secondary school. If you present a correspondingly good resume, you might have with a lower education a chance.
  • Experience in the hospitality industry are always an advantage, because you also need to spend drinks.
  • Usually, you are required to have a current and clean criminal record in an interview.
  • Since most customers are German, you should also master the German language as a game room supervision.
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