are motorcycle tester

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are motorcycle tester

To be motorcycle tester.

The long road to the motorcycle tester

The main requirement to be motorcycle tester, meet almost all bikers. You must have an appropriate license, be enthusiastic driver and should already some time spent on a motorcycle. But that does not make you long for motorcycle tester.

  • One way to be motorcycle tester, to be an employee in a motorcycle factory is. At least one training Zweiradmechaniker you should have as a future testers to also come only shortlisted. Motorcycle Tester factory are usually always engineers who apply for a corresponding study, mostly mechanical, in a factory as a development engineer.
  • Motorcycle Tester at a motorcycle trade magazine is one by becoming a journalist. You can study journalism or training provided by a publisher / an editorial. It is good if you also have an appropriate training in motorcycles or have actively participated in motorcycle racing as is. Who is known in the industry, is lighter motorcycle tester. You need to know that it is quite difficult, as a journalist to gain a foothold and then also to reach the area, you could wish for, is almost impossible. For this reason, an additional qualification from the area around motorcycles as entry into the profession is necessary.
  • If you have made it and now reviews may write about motorcycles, you must know that motorcycle tester is only a small part of the work, because so many new motorcycles finally do not come on the market. Even as a motorcycle tester you will spend a lot of time behind the desk while write down not only their experiences. Everyday life is routine and consists of interviews, online searches and more. That should be far away from what is meant by motorcycle tester.
  • But you can strive for employment as a motorcycle tester as a hobby. Select a specific company who are looking for mystery shoppers or perform consumer tests. There sometimes enthusiastic hobby bikers are sought who like to ride motorcycles for a small fee and deliver test reports. There are many companies that perform such tests, but unfortunately also very many rogue companies, in which you have to pay money to be included in a directory. Mostly you get in this way then but no orders.

The professional motorcycle tester is unfortunately often just a dream, only with the necessary technical and journalistic training you have a chance to take up this profession.

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