Arguments against homework - so do teachers "soft"

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Arguments against homework - so do teachers "soft"

Homework consume leisure.

Arguments against homework convince not every teacher. With luck, you will succeed, however, to spend your time elsewhere.

Protests against homework

  • There are teachers who love their students abandon homework. With such tough nuts you should not even try it. therefore Invest your energy in dear teacher, which can be also convince.
  • Would you like to present arguments against homework, you should not make a student this who has bad marks in the compartment. A student who is considered the teacher and has good understanding of the lessons, will certainly be more successful and more likely to encounter a sympathetic ear.
  • It is also important that you wait for the right moment. The teacher to attack the same when he enters the classroom, is likely to be unsuccessful. Instead, make in teaching, so that the teacher is in a good mood, and bring your arguments at the end of the lesson.

Arguments for a school free afternoon

  • Thus, the teacher gives you no homework, you need very good arguments against it. Do not feel alone will not be enough. However, you have all been paying attention in class and worked, this is a very good argument that convinces the teacher with some charm.
  • A teacher who has a soft heart, you can convince even if you tell him that you have on very many homework in other subjects or to learn for exams or tests. to generate a little pity, almost always helps.
  • Are the summer days there, you can also argue that yes it is nice weather and the teacher also determines would rather do something else. You have to get his head free so that you get back more receptive in school sometimes. The know even the toughest teacher.

If you express your arguments against homework, you are always based on the type of teacher. This enables easier for you to convince him. Much success!

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