Argyreia nervosa - cultivating the seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose as successful

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Argyreia nervosa - cultivating the seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose as successful

Exotic climbing plants look particularly decorative.

Argyreia nervosa - Plant description and needs

The Argyreia nervosa represents an attractive vine that can be similar to the ivy also cultivated climber.

  • The Argyreia nervosa as the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is called botanically correct, is a copy of the family of so-called. Convolvulaceae.
  • The plant is similar to the leaves of the ivy ago, while the greenhouse can form large purple flowers.
  • You should leave neither the seeds nor the flowers of the reach of children and pets, as both have toxins that can adversely affect health.
  • The amount that can achieve the greenhouse, is approximately 10 meters, and this depends on the location, the soil substrate and the basic power.
  • The winter the evergreen plant, you should make in the house, because otherwise can support the greenhouse frost and cold damage it. Even in winter, you should consider reduced watering, so that the root ball dries up and the sheets can not operate in the cold season photosynthesis, albeit more slowly than in the growing season from spring.
  • For stays outside the leaves can turn brown. Although the plants tolerate aged better temperatures that are easily located below 0 degrees Celsius, so you after germination time being hot from about 20 degrees Celsius and halbschattigem state should be kept the Argyreia nervosa seeds.

bring the seeds to germinate - so you cultivate the Woodrose

In order to develop from the seeds the Hawaiian Woodrose vigorously, you should purchase the seed when fresh exotic plants retail store or to seeds. Also variations of Argyreia nervosa with other flower colors are now available in stores.

  1. So you successfully manage the breeding of seeds, you should cultivate in potting soil with initially low nutrient content in a breeder. To speed up the germination of seeds, you can easily abrade the relatively hard seed using a fine file, thus improving the absorption of moisture.
  2. Also, leave the seeds for 24 hours in water at a consistently high temperature of at least 18 degrees promotes the swelling of the seed, so that this measure for successful germination can contribute.
  3. Moisten gently Earth in the rearing tray with water.
  4. Press the seeds lightly to the earth, so that it is surrounded on the lower side with earth.
  5. Leave the breeder at a consistently bright as warm place until the seeds germinate.
  6. After at least 5 pairs of leaves have formed and have grown in scope of the style of the plants, you can transplant the plant into a permeable mixture of garden or potting soil with a high sand content. Make sure not to damage when moving the fine roots, if necessary, you undermine it carefully with a spoon and lift the plant in the plant pot.
  7. The vessel should have a drainage so that excess water caused by the casting or after rainstorms waterlogging. The filling of the lowest layer in the pot with small pebbles is again a barrier so that the Argyreia suffers nervosa no root rot.
  8. Ask the planter with the Woodrose then light up sunny and pay attention to a bright location in winter, the temperature for the young plants should not fall below 15 degrees.

Fertilize the plant in spring and summer with conventional plant fertilizer, so the Argyreia quickly gains altitude and also can form blooms.

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