Aronia Melanocarpa - so you maintain the plant

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Aronia Melanocarpa - so you maintain the plant

The Aronia forms very healthy fruit.

General instructions for chokeberry Melanocarpa

  • The Aronia Melanocarpa is a small shrub that reaches a height of about 1 to 2 meters. The edible and healthy black berries of this plant appear late August to early September and are similar in flavor, the blueberry. This chokeberry contains many valuable nutrients such as folic acid, flavonoids, iron, iodine, and vitamins C, E and K. The fruits are used mainly for juice and jam production as well as dried fruit or liqueur.
  • Have you bought an Aronia bush, it is best to plant it equal. The most favorable planting time is autumn. Bare root shrubs can be planted as long as no ground frost prevails. For plants raise from a hole that must always be greater and deeper than the root system. Now insert the plant, fill the earth and press. The planting distance between the plants should be about 2 m. Finally, you should still water well.

Care claims of chokeberry

  • In their care the Aronia Melanocarpa is quite undemanding. The site should be bright direct sunlight and the soil is not too wet. Compost can compost. Conveniently affects from a layer of mulch. can be harvested usually already from the second year after planting
  • The Aronia Melanocarpa is self-pollinating and extremely hardy. They can withstand temperatures of up to -30 ° C. Even in Siberia it is a popular crop because of its resistance to frost. From the 3rd or 4th year, you can make a Auslichtungsschnitt. A susceptibility to known plant diseases is not present.
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