Art on the Christmas tree - ideas to make yourself

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Art on the Christmas tree - ideas to make yourself

The Christmas tree can be decorated even quite different.

This is your first Christmas with self-made art pieces really special is something you should look for a topic on which you then customize various works.

The Christmas tree decorations along the lines of "Angel"

  1. Creativity is a stubborn little plant, the fewest of us find it really easy to make lots of small art creations first time or to develop the ideas for such work.
  2. This is different if you are looking for a specific theme to which you can refer when it comes to the production of individual small creations for the decoration of the Christmas tree.
  3. Already with the selection of the topic set to some extent, the basic design before, where your tree will be. If you for example for the motto "angel" decide to be the small works of art that arise in drafting , always romantic act.
  4. In order not to decorate a tree with angels, just take white cardboard and cut different templates from which you copied z. B. from a book.
  5. These templates set down on the cardboard and paint with pencil the contours on the cardboard. Subsequently, the individual angels are cut out of cardboard.
  6. These angels are now coated with adhesive and pasted over with white feathers, first on one side, after drying on the other side.
  7. Finally, you need to pierce a hole in the top and pull a white ribbon, and you can start your schm├╝cken over with self-made angels.

Mathematical art for the Christmas tree

Another possible motto when the art of the tree should be something crazy, could be "Mathematics" z. B.. This may sound unusual here but make art for the Christmas tree here that will act as weird and intellectually as a result and a Christmas tree can really even look very different.

  1. For small works of art, take lots of gingerbread, which can even be baked or bought ready.
  2. These cakes are now decorated with colored icing with mathematical formulas, either simple arithmetic problems or classic basic formulas.
  3. It can, of course, excellent your children join in, which it will certainly be fun to bring complicated computing tasks possible and formulas on the gingerbread.
  4. From this you can even a game for the Christmas season to make: Who has the fastest all computing tasks or tasks that are put on the spot according to the formulas of all, gets a prize.
  5. The finished gingerbread trailer must first dry thoroughly and then pierced to pull a ribbon as a hanger. The tape should have a color that matches the icing on the gingerbread.

The themes or mottos, where a Christmas tree can be dedicated, can of course be chosen from many fields. Be not afraid when your children propose topics that initially somewhat exotic or crazy seem - the Christmas tree, which takes up the theme of "Hip-Hop", the most beautiful tree could be that you have ever seen!

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