Artwork transfer film ceramic - Here's how

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Artwork transfer film ceramic - Here's how

Custom simple cups themselves.

Fundamental to transfer films for ceramics

Generally you can use any image that can be printed, transferred using transfer films on ceramic products. But you will have to observe some:

  • Transfer with the transfer foil designs from a flat medium (transfer sheet) on a three-dimensional medium. This is not a problem in a flat plate or mug in a cylindrical shape. Bulbous, such as vases or correspondingly shaped cups can be difficult because you can not transfer large creases motives.
  • There are transfer films for laser printers and for inkjet printers. This you should never be confused. Laser film can be combined with the ink jet printer not print, which is the lesser evil. Transfer for Inkjet bond the laser printer and can destroy this completely.
  • Always read the user manual, which is attached to the transfer films, because there may be subject to changes that lead to the transfer films expires always different.

Printing the sheets with the ink jet printer

  1. In inkjet printers usually a two-component system is used, you have the motive reverse print on the Inkjet transfer film. This goes beyond the appropriate settings on your printer, some also have a setting for transfer films, which automatically prints upside.
  2. Then cut the design from rough and an equally large piece of the Abschiebefolie.
  3. Remove the backing from the Abschiebefolie and place the subject with the printed side to the shiny side of Abschiebefolie.
  4. Take the board with a soft surface, cover this off with baking paper. Then place the subject and cover again with baking paper, so you prevent iron or iron are bonded.
  5. Iron now (without steam) the motive in hiring cotton from both sides for 4 seconds with an iron. Caution: Pressing on the iron, but do not move it as usual while ironing. Make sure that the holes in the sole of the steam iron are outside of the subject, or use an iron, no steam function has.
  6. Let cool the film and pull the film from Inkjet. Check if the design has been transferred free of bubbles. If necessary, you can iron it again from the unprinted side over. Think of the baking paper.
  7. Now cut the motif inaccurate.

This complicated path is necessary so that the water-soluble ink is embedded in a medium, from which the ink can not be rinsed.

print transfer films for laser printers

  • Since laser printers anyway waterproof print, here a one-component system is used. Print the motif directly on the Abschiebefolie. Here not prints upside.
  • Cut the motif out accurately.

transfer prints on the ceramic

Since the motif on the Abschiebefolie even water slide film is, there are no more differences between inkjet print or laser printers.

  1. Clean the ceramic that you want to bear a motif, rinse with hot water. To rinse residues from dishwashing detergents.
  2. Rub now the printable surface with alcohol to degrease it. Take a pair of cloth not fuselt.
  3. Place the motif with the transfer film in lukewarm water until it is easy to move on the slide. This is the case after approximately one minute.
  4. Slide the motif on the space provided and press it firmly with a soft cloth and dab it at dry. There may be no bubbles and there must be no water between the transfer film and the ceramic. If necessary, press the water out with your fingers. Sometimes you have to push a small hole in the transfer film.
  5. After everything has dried at least one hour, the ceramic for 20 to 30 minutes at 175 ° C must be in the oven. Make sure that the transfer film this is not brown.
  6. Take the things out of the oven and let the parts cool down to a dry towel. Set the hot ceramic parts not on a cold surface such as stone or metal.

The easy way to decorate with transfer foils ceramics.

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