As packaging porcelain when moving?

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As packaging porcelain when moving?

Porcelain tableware should be carefully packed in a parade.

pack china for transport

  1. Unpack the porcelain by no means easy in any bag or plastic bags. It is best to use normal packing boxes to pack the china. Do not place the porcelain simply into the empty packing case, but bolster this previously well with blankets, pillows, or more bubble wrap.
  2. Do not pack the moving boxes to complete with porcelain pieces. Otherwise, the boxes are so heavy that they are difficult to carry more, which increases the risk of falling significantly. It is recommended, instead, pillows or blankets to pack anyway even when moving with need, with the valor. So the precious crockery is protected and the crates are not too heavy.

loaded packing boxes properly

  1. To avoid even small damage caused by vibrations at china, place a paper towel or some toilet paper between all plates, saucers and things like that. So the porcelain is protected from scratches and minor quirks.
  2. Cups, teapots, etc. of porcelain you should stuff with crumpled newspaper to increase stability. Even kitchen towels are ideal for this purpose. But be careful: Do not plug too tight. Thin-walled dishes could shatter even by the great pressure from the inside.
  3. Unwrap the packing boxes so that the various pieces of porcelain are padded with newspaper, kitchen towels or the like, and nothing can fly around with the move. Cushions all gaps accordingly and set at the end of a large ceiling or a few towels on the porcelain, so that the carton is filled to the top.
  4. Seal the packing boxes at the end of good with duct tape and glue in addition a strip of tape with the red inscription "Caution! Fragile "! Thereon.
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