As Parliament monitors the federal government? - Overview

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As Parliament monitors the federal government?  - Overview

Parliament shall monitor the federal government to prevent abuse of power.

With these funds, the Parliament controls the federal government

The Bundestag are several means available to control the federal government. The work of the Federal Chancellery is particularly accurate being watched and tracked.

  • A popular means are both small and great inquiries and the current hour.
  • The Bundestag, however, is also able to form bodies and thus to monitor government activities. Here is to differentiate between the standing committees and committees of inquiry. The standing committees in the legislation with substantially and permanently involved in different activities. They need to exist permanently, because there are the divisions permanently. Committees have temporarily the purpose to detect certain events and clarify issues that have current relevance in important issues. A committee indirectly controlled Parliament by anticipating on the legislative process and it also has a direct control function by may invite representatives of the Ministry to report on current legislative proposals. This is called self-referral law. For example, the Committee on Foreign Affairs has the task of monitoring the government's foreign policy permanently. Defence and military committee exist because this is provided for by the Basic Law and both control the armed forces and may also declare itself investigative committee for certain matters.
  • Supervisory bodies also fulfill the control function. This they do by monitoring the government work on specific projects. An example of this is the monitoring body which is responsible for intelligence tasks of the Federal Government.
  • Control but is also achieved through surveys and consultations. The reason for this is that control always presupposes a comprehensive information. Possible instruments are minor or major, question hour, the current hour and government surveys.

Why the federal government is controlled

  • Parliament shall monitor the federal government, because it is so stipulated in the Basic Law. This means that a certain flow of information is granted and the government members have to explain.
  • This control function is the result of the idea of ​​separation of powers. One divides the powers and uses their power and decision processes comprehensible to prevent abuse of power.
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