as unemployed at the employment office - how it works

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as unemployed at the employment office - how it works

The advice at the employment office is free.

  • Log on to the employment office as seeking employment 3 months before the end of your business activity. This is important to prevent that you have to accept deductions of unemployment. This message usually takes already the reception on in your work agency. Here you have already some forms that you need to return to your employment counselor. It is all about a first estimate for the near future, and your wishes for a new job.
  • If the employment relationship continues or takes you smoothly into a new job, you can cancel the seeking employment also easily again, is sufficient to give notice to the employment office at the reception.

Log on to the first day de unemployment unemployed

  1. On the first day of unemployment then log on again immediately in your work agency. This is the real message 'unemployed'. Please bring your passport here necessarily with. Because the message can only be done in person - not even by telephone, fax or email.
  2. Usually you will then receive some forms at the reception that you can fill in directly and handed a clerk. Make it one that you will be asked about your education, degrees and the professional career itself. In addition, you still get a sheet on which your previous employer must confirm the income of the last 12 months, so that the amount of your unemployment benefit can be calculated. This system should be digitized in the near future. This information gets your work consultant who can use this to find a job that suits you. Bring on that day so a little time.
  3. The employment office is responsible for paying the contributions to the social and health insurance, as it has previously done the employer. These contributions, however, are then adjusted in height to the unemployment benefit.
  4. Those who do not or belatedly unemployed logs, must be expected that the remuneration shall be reduced by the employment office. Insurance can not be paid retroactively, ie, no contributions are paid for this time. When calculating the pension so no contribution is recorded for these times and the Renetnanspruch for this time is 0 euro. When health insurance can lead to high additional claims or exclusion. So it fails the message, which can be sensitive to meet their own financial reserves.

A little hint, if you register as unemployed at the employment office, if you encounter the men and women with kindness and a little composure, everything becomes much easier. A smile is in this context very quickly miracle.

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