Ash cut back without permission? - So succeeds's

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Ash cut back without permission?  - So succeeds's

Ash cut back - a permit is sometimes required. Bernd_Sterzl / Pixelio

The ash in Germany

In Europe three Esch species occur, the Fraxinus angustifolia and the manna ash were not native to Germany, but now occasionally grow in some areas. The frequently occurring in Germany Eschenart is the common ash, also known as High or Common Ash. They are among the highest deciduous trees because they can be up to 40 meters high. Their crown is spherical. If the conditions are favorable, an ash tree can be 200 to 300 years old. Since the 90s, however, is rife in Europe ash dieback caused by a fungus.

  • Eschen grow very quickly, only five years after planting, they have reached their final height of 30 to 40 meters.
  • Commonly grown Eschen very balanced, so a cutback is often not necessary. Is your ash but become very expansive and they would like to cut back, so you should do this in late February / early March, so before she drives off. For pruning, you can take a stick in the desired branch length, the hold on the branches. Explore while cutting the tree from time to time from a certain distance in order to keep control of the pruning.
  • Have the tree pruning no experience and it is mainly still a very old tree, it is best if you hire a specialized in such work specialist who performs the pruning properly. Improper even treated as a misdemeanor.

Permission for pruning

A tree you can not just cut back as you desire that often. Sometimes you need an official permit not only for the cases, but also for cutting back.

  • Based on the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the individual states have authorized the municipalities in their conservation or landscape conservation laws to adopt so-called tree protection regulations, since the trees a significant source of food and for the ecosystem are important for many animals beyond.
  • Want to send an ash cut back and are not sure whether you will need a permit, it is definitely advisable if you previously check with your community, whether an authorization requirement is, for a non-compliance can lead to a high penalty.
  • Depending on which state and in which municipality you live, different arrangements exist. So it may be that, if a license is required to fill out an application for a license to pruning. Whether you need such a form and is to which authority to send it or in what other way a license must be obtained, please contact your municipality.

Questions in doubt after before cutting back a tree, risking a penalty: In any case, applies.

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