assign rights - TS3

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assign rights - TS3

Right on the TS3 server are important.

TS3 is the successor of TS2. TS3 is very system-friendly, since it has a very low CPU usage and a minimum data transfer rate. You can assign users to different user groups and assign selfsame rights.

Creating groups in TS3

  1. Initially 3 groups are given sufficient fully to normal operation. However, you should absolutely change the permissions of the user groups.
  2. To do this on "rights" and then click "Server Groups". Please select a group and tick the "only allocated rights".
  3. Now look at the various rights through which the selected group has. Customize this please your needs to.

The rights and groups

  • Server groups: Every new user who enters your TS3 server to automatically rejected the group "Guest". You can download the user simply a group (Server Admin / Normal / Guest) assign by clicking on their names by right-clicking, then set at the server group, and then select a group.
  • Client Rights: Allows you to assign individual clients, different rights, but this is usually not necessary.
  • Channel Rights: The Channel Rights of TS3 channels specify who is allowed to speak, for example (Needed Talk Power), or who is allowed to join the channel at all (Needed Join Power).. You can, for. Example, only members of your guild Council allow to join the Gildenrat Channel.
  • Channel groups: These are rights that can be awarded if people are to have only certain rights for a single channel. So you can make such. As a user to a channel-Admin, so that it can turn and exercise in the Channel as he wants.
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