Assignment declaration - so sit schrifftlich an inheritance from

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Assignment declaration - so sit schrifftlich an inheritance from

Often not only inherits money.

Heritage deflect a assignment declaration

Unfortunately, many people do not know that you can disclaim an inheritance with an assignment declaration before the probate court or the notary. This often means that you have to pay off debts of the deceased parents. Save yourself this with an assignment declaration.

  • They should be appointed heir. This is the case when you are in the legal succession or are favored by a will as heir. Now you can turn down the inheritance if the heir is unfavorable for you. This may be the case if it inherits debt.
  • Be this an assignment declaration in which you disclaim the inheritance. You have to do it in a period of six weeks. This period begins to run when you learned of the inheritance and the ground for appeal. Then check carefully whether the inheritance is worthwhile for you or represents a financial burden. You can do this by checking whether a property mortgage is charged or for a car, for example, a loan was taken.
  • You should demand an official general power in his lifetime. Anyone who has a general power of attorney, may inspect the bank accounts and get an overview of existing liabilities. Do you lack this general power of attorney, you need a certificate of inheritance by the court. The bank gives you otherwise no insight.
  • The assignment declaration you submitted to the probate court. You can put on record the assignment declaration before the probate court or request the help of a notary. You should know that a simple letter, which is addressed to the probate court, not sufficient to refuse an inheritance.

The legal effect of the assignment declaration then leads to the next heir after gewillkürten or intestate succession engages and you will have no legal effect by the succession.

Find out more about an inheritance

  • Slashes and after each heir the succession with an assignment declaration from the inheritance falls ultimately to the tax authorities. The Treasury can not turn down the inheritance.
  • Do you want to accept an inheritance, however, you need to explain anything and just let pass the period of six weeks.
  • If you have accepted an inheritance that still proves to be over-indebted in hindsight, you can initiate the bankruptcy estate.
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