Astronomy Professions - draw professionally for the stars

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Astronomy Professions - draw professionally for the stars

Her interest in the universe must be strong.

If you want to deal in professional astronomy, you must have a strong interest in how the world was created and designed. Does that interest a strong inner drive, then a study can be done. A small role does only if you learn fast or slow, and if you can remember formulas good or bad.

Astrophysicist or astronomer with deep view of the Universe

The professions astrophysicist or astronomer aimed at scientific work. Here, the space is investigated. Study sites are among other observatories, universities or research institutions (such as the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics).

  • The preparation for these occupations takes place in an undergraduate degree in physics and in a further Master's program focusing astrophysics or astronomy. After graduating include many graduates still at a promotion.
  • Scientific research centers there are not over large numbers. Since there are research stations and observatories in places in the world that allow an optimal view into space, you have to bring appropriate willingness to travel.
  • In companies the aerospace industry, producing optical devices or computer programs for space, there are other professional job opportunities.

Alternative careers in astronomy

  • In three eastern Länder (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt), there is the appointment as astronomy teacher. Because here is astronomy a well established school subject. In the other provinces, there are other schools (especially schools), where astronomy workgroups or astronomy classes are part of the learning offer.
  • Who wants to take one of the teaching profession and thereby will also indulge in astronomy, a university, must search for, is offered in astronomy as a subject. Usually there is the opportunity to study only in combination with physics or mathematics (or possibly another science).
  • Thus astronomers can look into space, other professions such as the engineer of Mechatronics are necessary. Mechatronics deal inter alia with the development of control systems for the aerospace industry. The relatively new field of study dedicated to a combination of mechanics, electronics and information technology. Unlike the astrophysicist offer for a mechatronics not only jobs in the aerospace industry.
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