ASUS Laptop overheating - what to do?

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ASUS Laptop overheating - what to do?

Overheating protection - Do not cover vents

Allowing your ASUS laptop does not overheat, you need to ensure sufficient cooling. In everyday use, the cooling must not be hindered. Regular dusting of PC and notebook is one of them.

Damage or loss of performance - if overheated laptop

Cooling is for your modern ASUS laptop that can heat up during prolonged operation, the A and O.

  • Several factors affect the temperature inside the housing.
  • Too high a temperature, the CPU and the motherboard great damage, to put away only a few devices.
  • Even if your laptop heats, but breaks down immediately, the high temperature usually has a loss of power or recharge result.
  • Notebooks are generally regarded as not particularly protected from heat. If your ASUS laptop yet again very overheated shows but shuts down suddenly, stay calm. Take it as far as possible down, disconnect immediately the power supply (fan to) and wait for a time at rest from.

Cooler pad - put your ASUS laptop on external cooler

So that your laptop no longer overheated, follow next to the manufacturer ASUS some subsequent advice.

  • In the midday sun, you do not use your laptop better. Even on a sunny window sill, the computer has (even switched off) no business.
  • Forget your notebook, especially when it is in your car in the back seat. Without cooling by wind quickly threaten overheating damage. In the trunk there is never as warm as in the vehicle interior.
  • In a hot environment you are using the battery. This automatically triggers a reduction in power of the graphics card and CPU and the result is a more effective heat protection.
  • External coolers have proven to be very effective. You must connect this cooler pads via USB to the laptop.
  • In some cases, the cooling performance of your ASUS laptops can be increased by a radiator or fan replacement.

Be careful when working with your ASUS laptop in bed. Place the machine not just on the mattress. On a textile and soft floor it quickly comes to heat accumulation with all its undesirable consequences.

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