ASUS VK246H: install drivers for the integrated webcam - how it works

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ASUS VK246H: install drivers for the integrated webcam - how it works

install drivers for the webcam of ASUS VK246H.

Calling downloads for ASUS VK246H

If you do not have on hand the software CD for your ASUS VK246H, you can download the necessary driver software for the integrated webcam with a few clicks at ASUS:

  1. Just open the German website of ASUS and then click on the menu at "service" in the first entry "Downloads - drivers, updates".
  2. This will open a new window or a new tab. Click in the main area of ​​the page with "General Download" in the selection list "Select Product" and enter "LCD Monitor" to.
  3. Click "Select Series", scroll down a bit and then select "VK Series" from.
  4. You must then "Select Model" only to click until after scroll down to highlight "VK246H" and then right underneath click on "Search".
  5. Now a small window in which you need to specify your operating system below appears. If you use a 64-bit version of your operating system, you should click the appropriate entry, for example "Windows 7 64bit". Otherwise, you must select the entry without the addition (eg WinXP) or with "32bit".
  6. Then go under with "Search" section.
  7. Now click on "Utilities" and then below at "Download" on the top three download links.
  8. Optionally, you still need to type in the characters in the input field, which left to see next, and click "Submit".

Now, the required software will be downloaded as a RAR archive, which should take only a few moments.

Install downloaded drivers ASUS

Once the download of RAR file is ready, you can install the driver relatively quickly.

  1. Open for the directory where the RAR file is downloaded.
  2. If you have already installed a decompression software on your computer, which RAR files can unpack, make a right click on the RAR file and choose depending on the program "Here unzip", "Extract here" or similar from. Otherwise you would need to download a program, where the free program 7-Zip is recommended.
  3. Then open the folder "Life Frame" and double click on "Setup.exe".
  4. Then click "Next", insert optional a different installation location determined (via "Browse"), click again on "Next" and start the installation by clicking "Next".

Shortly thereafter, the required drivers for the webcam of your ASUS VK246H is installed and you can test them with the program "Life Frame".

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