Asymmetric chest - so you hide the problem

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Asymmetric chest - so you hide the problem

An immaculate chest is considered ideal of beauty.

As an asymmetric breast arises

  • An asymmetric breast can have many causes. Most women do not have two completely identical large breasts, but they are by nature always something different. In some women, however, the breasts are extremely different, because they stop growing at puberty in varying sizes.
  • Also a serious illness can cause the body such as the breasts change. Additional operations deform the bust possibly permanently, so that the page looks smaller than the other.

To cover up the problem

  • To cover an asymmetric breast, it is important that you buy a bra that fits you well. The shell should in this case be suitable for the larger side of your chest.
  • On the smaller breast enter a silicone shell. So the bra fits perfectly on the smaller side and through the clothes no one will notice your little flaw.
  • For extremely large differences or in the case that you only have one breast, you should take silicone shell access to a breast prosthesis. This is available in exactly the required size for you, so you are no longer restricted in buying bras.
  • So you can not see through the clothes that your breasts are a little uneven, you should choose mainly flowing fabrics in clothing and without low-cut. Particularly useful are here t-shirts or babydoll tops, which continue to fall slightly over your chest and thus make it invisible even small imbalances to outsiders. Large cloths which wrap around the neck, hide your bust size if you need to wear a top with cutout.
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