At Hermes obtain shipping information - so it goes

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At Hermes obtain shipping information - so it goes

Packaging If possible, always safe for transport.

To get at Hermes shipping information in a

  1. Let give the sender the shipment number by which you can obtain the broadcast information.
  2. As the sender you will find the corresponding number on you handed in package delivery in Shop package receipt. Have you adopted a number of packages, use the receipt number of the document.
  3. Look at the website of Hermes.
  4. Scroll down a bit until the button "Shipment status".
  5. Now enter in the box provided the order number or a shipment ID, given to you by the supplier. Click "View shipment status" on.
  6. You will now see displayed on your screen five symbols. Depending on how far the processing / delivery has progressed, the symbols of the series are highlighted by color. Only when the penultimate packet mark is marked "In delivery", you can generally count with the delivery on that day.
  7. The data for the program information are available for 90 days. If the item was placed in front of more than three months, an error message appears.

So Hermes delivers

  • Deliveries take place Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20.
  • Until your shipment delivered, usually it takes two working days, but sometimes three or more.
  • Is your shipment marked as "Delivered", even though you did not get, then you look for in your mailbox and at the entrance door if the delivery person left a message that he did the show with a neighbor.

The shipment status can be queried from the moment from which the consignment in Hermes shop was scanned.

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