At Samsung S5260 delete widgets - how it works

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At Samsung S5260 delete widgets - how it works

remove widgets quickly

Using the Widgets on your Samsung S5260 you can easily access Facebook or other social networks. If you do not need these widgets, you can delete them easily.

delete widgets quickly

  1. To delete the widget from the home screen of the Samsung S5260, simply click on it for about three seconds until this widget a yellow color appears. Now you can move this.
  2. At the bottom of the screen a trash appears (removal). Drag the widget as out to delete it from the home screen. The widget is therefore still on your phone, you can do so at any time to add to the home screen.
  3. To delete a widget completely, open the Samsung S5260 menu. Select "Settings". Now you can select "Widgets". You will see a list of installed widgets.
  4. Remove the check in front of the widget that you want to delete, and then select "Save". Now you have deleted the widget. Note that certain pre-installed Widgets can not be deleted. With these you have no way to remove the hook.

Add widgets on the Samsung S5260

  1. Some widgets that are not pre-installed, you can download using the widget app on your Samsung S5260 and add. Just open the app, which can be found under the menu item "Apps".
  2. It will connect to the Samsung Widget produced. Here you have a wide variety of widgets. Select the desired and click on "Download".
  3. Once the widget is installed, open the start screen of the Samsung S5260 and the box above and plus (+) to. Here a list of all installed widgets. Select the appropriate and assign it to the Start screen.
  4. Now you can use it on the home screen. If you no longer need the widget, you can this be described delete above.
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