Atlas correction - so the therapy works

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Atlas correction - so the therapy works

The spine supports the body.

Base of Atlas correction

  • The Atlas correction is used in various diseases. For headaches or discomfort of joints, dizziness, tiredness, herniation or muscle tension therapy should be able to help you.
  • The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra, carrying your head and looks like a ring, the second cervical vertebra corresponds to the finger on which the ring is loosely inserted. This means that your head can move in any direction.
  • At the transition from the skull to the spine extend numerous nerves, but also important blood vessels. If it comes here to irregularities, this may take in various ailments.
  • It is, however, not to serious injury in which nerves severed, torn artery or vertebral bodies are broken. This may have to be treated not√§rztlich as very dangerous there. When Atlas correction changes are rather small, however, resolve pain from.

This type of therapy method

  • When Atlas correction starts from various misalignments of the Atlas. Thus, the spine thereby get into trouble attitude, which may affect the other body. Not only the back is then affected, but also the pelvis and knees.
  • After treatment, the therapist often find that their patients are "grown" by one to two centimeters, because the spine has erected.
  • Opt for a treatment in the initial consultation, a detailed results including tests will be charged.
  • If a misalignment of the Atlas found, treatment can begin. It is divided into two sections, in which the deep neck muscles is loosened so that the Atlas can slip into its normal position. To help the therapist take special devices that emit frequencies that are to have a relaxing effect on the muscles.
  • After such treatment your cervical vertebrae has up to two months, to adjust. Then you get a new appointment in which the achievements are reviewed.

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