Attach In drywall screws - Here's how

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Attach In drywall screws - Here's how

Even levels should be stably suspended.

Hardly anyone like hanging a shelf over the bed without being able to make sure that does not fall to him this someday upside. This will not happen something, you should use the correct mounting material in plasterboard walls.

The right plugs for plasterboard walls

  • If you want to place heavy objects on plasterboard walls, then you should use exclusively hollow wall anchors. When tightening the screw anchors the hollow wall anchors braced on the back of the sheetrock, thus ensuring the necessary stability.
  • In a normal anchor run however, a risk that this may slip at a heavy burden from the plasterboard wall.
  • Hollow wall anchors you can purchase plastic or metal. What hollow wall anchors, use at a plasterboard wall, depends on what loads you want to attach to the wall with it.
  • If you want to screw it flat and place heavy objects on the wall, such as a flat panel display, then you can do so using hollow wall anchors made of plastic or metal. At low and heavy objects, however, you should only use hollow wall anchors made of metal due to the higher load capacity.

Replace the screws

When attaching the screws, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Drill with the drill the holes for the hollow wall anchors. As a general rule you should always choose a drill size smaller than the anchor size. then unsuitable the anchor, you can still even Redrill.
  2. Insert the dowel into the hole. If you want to anchor the dowel particularly firmly in the wall, then fill the hole with putty first.
  3. Make sure that the anchor does not protrude from the hole, but the surface is smooth to the wall. Otherwise could hang crooked as a shelf.
  4. Depending on what you want to fix it with the screws you can tighten the screws directly into the plugs and fix the object in mind, or you need to screw the screws to the to be attached object in the wall.

Also on plasterboard walls to shelves with anchors and screws hanged. However, you should pay attention to the maximum load capacity of anchors or wall, which is usually lower for a plasterboard wall, than a concrete or stone wall.

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