Audio device installed under XP - how it works

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Audio device installed under XP - how it works

Audio devices under XP require drivers.

To install an audio device in Windows XP

  • When audio equipment refers to various input and output devices from CD players to the sound card. Problems can arise when old drivers are. Although the exact driver for the audio devices are usually supplied on the installation CDs, but these are often in an outdated version. Therefore, it is almost always advisable to download and then install the latest driver for an audio device from the manufacturer's website.
  • In the Control Panel, you can access the XP device manager and look at whether in one of the hardware components conflicts are displayed. For example, if a driver installation is required, a yellow question mark appears next to the affected component.
  • Occasionally, problems arise when you have been playing a new operating system, because it is also needs to install drivers for your onboard chipsets (onboard sound). Check out also in this case on the manufacturer's website for the right XP drivers.
  • If you are indeed sure that a sound card is installed as an audio device in your computer, the computer this component but does not display, you could quickly check even in the BIOS, if marked as "enabled" there the hardware component.
  • To find out which devices are exactly to your system, and to obtain detailed information, you can have it evaluated by an appropriate software. A freeware program that exactly meets this purpose and indicating moreover installed software called Everest.
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