Authorized officer - the meaning of the title of a CEO

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Authorized officer - the meaning of the title of a CEO

From clerk to CEO ascend Gerd / Pixelio

General Manager and CEO differ in the scope of its decision-making powers and their importance in the operation. Are you authorized, you can not simultaneously be the CEO. Are you managing, it makes no sense to seek order as authorized signatory. The position as general manager would be, if you are managing, a step in the hierarchy of your company.

The manager acts on behalf of

  • The term of the manager you met at a predominantly GmbH. In a GmbH managing director represents the company in internal and external relations. It represents the person as the legal representative. His capacity for action are unlimited in the external relationship. As CEO you are an organ of the company. In the AG's Managing Board.
  • If the directors of the company at the same time partner of the company, he is at the same time as co-owners, or in the single-member company, as sole owner.
  • As CEO you sign in all correspondence with your name and have the title of Managing Director.
  • Even with a commercial partnership (OHG, KG) and civil law (GdBR) there may be one or more managers. They are usually at the same time on the owner's side, appearing as an organ of the company.

The manager acts with authority

  • When authorized, however, you are someone that a merchant has granted a power of attorney. Kaufmann, the GmbH, represented by its manager, be. She empowers the attorney to carry out all trading transactions in Trade usually brings the operation concerned with it.
  • As authorized signing in correspondence with your name and the addition ppa. With the addition ppa you make it clear that your power of attorney is limited in society. Nevertheless, their importance in the operation be significant when making important decisions, for example, have personal responsibility.
  • Become appointed by the chief clerk to CEO, you will be promoted in the hierarchy, you reverse powers are withdrawn. When authorized, you may then only enter into transactions which the operation in Trade with and may no longer represent the Company organschaftlich.

The importance of the right-hand traffic

  • When authorized, you can not sign budgets, grant no more procuration itself and usually only make legal transactions within a given financial framework. Even real estate transactions are forbidden to you.
  • As CEO you not incumbent upon insolvency or overindebtedness a bankruptcy petition obligation as an officer.
  • When full power of attorney, it is so that you can be authorized as a legal transaction act only together with another attorney or the directors of the company.
  • Become appointed as directors of the company, a resolution of the shareholders is required.
  • The appointment as an authorized representative, however the responsibility of the directors of the company.
  • As CEO, you can sell or shut down the company. When authorized, you can not, because such transactions do not include the operation of the relevant commercial activity.
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