Avira Can not uninstall - what to do?

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Avira Can not uninstall - what to do?

To uninstall Avira.

Avira remove from your computer

Sometimes it happens that Avira defends against the removal. In particular, it can be on the Uninstall routine usually not completely uninstall.

  1. Use the uninstall your system. not Proceed through the Start menu and the corresponding Uninstall.
  2. Instead, you will venture into the "Control Panel". These can also be found in the Start menu in the lower region.
  3. Here you see different administrative folders. Scroll down to the labeled "Software".
  4. After clicking it, you have to wait a short time. This is quite normal, since all programs are scanned.
  5. Now you an alphabetical list is displayed. Thus, you should find the item Avira near the top and not have to look far.
  6. Once you select this option, a mark is applied. You then have the choice of procedure.
  7. Press "Uninstall" and wait for the course from. At the end of the program is taken from the list.
  8. Go to security now still in the program folder of your hard drive and check the registry.
  9. This you must delete.

If the program can not be uninstalled

Of course there are several reasons why Avira may not be uninstalled. You may however fix. Never use two virus programs at once. On the one hand this slow down your computer and on the other a software sets the other in quarantine. In this case, the removal process is not so simple.

  1. To do so, the first thing in the search function.
  2. There you enter Avira and then go all search results by. Thus, at least you have freed all the memory of the program.
  3. Take Avira WebProtector. You can download it for free from the Internet.
  4. After installation, you then assign a password as an administrator.
  5. Click it if you uninstall and it will remove your Avira program. For this, the input of the password is necessary.

So you should have no trouble with Avira, because it means the solutions can be easily removed. To avoid having to uninstall it, you can extend it as well.

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