avoid account garnishment - so set up a P-account

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avoid account garnishment - so set up a P-account

Protect. Your money before seizure with the P account

prevent account garnishment With a P-account

Since the enactment of the law to reform the account garnishment protection on 01.07.2010 there is the possibility that a normal checking account can be converted into a P-account. The P-account is a garnishment protection account that can set each.

Advantages of garnishment protection account (P-account)

  • They have a monthly basis garnishment protection from € 985.15.
  • An increase in the monthly allowance is possible by children or dependent person. If you receive child benefit, you a higher allowance available for a child € 184 for two children € 368 for three children and € 558 for each additional child for staggered.
  • Do you have to pay maintenance, increases the allowance for a debtor to € 370.76 for two at € 577.32 and for each debtor applies staggered a higher allowance.
  • This increase in the basic exemption from attachment you have to prove your bank per document.
  • Until the seizure limit towards you can normally take part in the electronic payments and pay as comfortably by debit card.
  • Even self-employed can set up a P-account.
  • There is no chance that your account is terminated due account garnishments.
  • The unused remainder of your allowance can be transferred to the following month and so will increase your allowance of P-account.

So we requested a P-account

  • You can convert your normal checking account into a P-account. The contact person for the appreciation is your bank, or your partner's bank.
  • Since the conversion to a P-account is a legal right, your bank can not refuse the request.
  • Any citizen can only perform a single P-account.
  • Before you convert your checking account into a P-account, inquire in advance at your bank to possible costs.
  • There are few banks, such as ING-DiBa, which offer a P-account for free. Banks such as DKB, Berliner Volksbank and Sparda Bank charge monthly fees of 5.00 € for a P-account.
  • The benefits of P-accounts differ in the various banks.
  • Many banks close from services such as MRP, debit card and credit card. An exception is the Berliner Sparkasse, there you have all services available, but there fall to normal bank charges.
  • So you should get quotes from several banks before you make your final decision.

As the seizure protection account works

  • In principle, the P-account is a normal checking account.
  • You can use the P-account for normal transactions, such as transfers, direct debits and cash withdrawals.
  • The P-account has the advantage that there is a certain basic allowance in case of account garnishment that you can not be seized.
  • To prevent an abuse by P accounts, the Bank announces the opening of a P-account to the Schufa.
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