Baby: prevent thumb sucking - Pros and Cons

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Baby: prevent thumb sucking - Pros and Cons

Is thumb sucking good for a baby?

Should we prevent sucking on a baby?

  • Make sure that the baby is not always the thumb placed in the mouth. Excessive thumb sucking, you should try to avoid. This can potentially have an impact on the development of the jaw.
  • If your child after the completion of the second year still suck excessively on the thumb, you should start worrying. The sucking could indicate that your child needs more attention or has some other problem.
  • If your child still sucking also the second year of life on the thumb, punish, scold or laugh it therefore made. Thumb sucking usually has a cause. Try this out with your child, and then to look for a solution how to limit the sucking.
  • Thumb sucking is often a substitute satisfaction for lack of affection. Often, it helps to spend a bit more time with the child and to make something beautiful with it.

What are the merits of Nuckelns?

  • Babies Suck in the womb of her thumb. Therefore, it is also the thumb sucking is a completely natural thing. Young children explore everything like by plugging it into your mouth and suck on it - even the thumb.
  • Sucking on a thumb can have a calming effect on the child. It is distracting and is reminiscent of sucking at the breast and thus gives a feeling of security.

Pacifier or thumb sucking?

Pacifier or thumb? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. This you should consider for yourself and your baby.

  • Remember that the thumb is always there in comparison with the pacifier. He can not fall down. He can make by any string for a dangerous complication and is the thumb to something natural.
  • However, you should not ignore the advice of many dentists. Use steps sucker if you want to be sure that the thumb sucking does not affect the jaw and teeth formation.
  • Whether pacifier or thumb - try to slowly wean her child back from at least 3 years sucking. Neither is good for tooth development and also for the subsequent tooth position.

You should avoid in no case your child sucking frantically! Try to find out instead of what your child is doing well and how it feels good!

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