Backpack Vacuums - advantages and disadvantages compared to cylinder vacuum cleaners

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Backpack Vacuums - advantages and disadvantages compared to cylinder vacuum cleaners

Find the right vacuum cleaner for your home.

Advantages of Backpack Vacuums

A conventional domestic vacuum cleaner would certainly be found in almost every German home. It includes selfsame to designated power the electrical outlet and can rid the apartment of dust. If you now want to remove the dust in very tight and narrow space called Backpack Vacuums are used.

  • The advantages of a vacuum cleaner back towards a canister vacuum resulting from his placement on the back of the dust-sucking. One can easily rid stairs from dust. While conventional vacuum cleaners usually have to halt the staircase approach, you can take the backpack vacuum easily go up the stairs and suck.
  • Today there are already backpack vacuum cleaners that are equipped with very powerful batteries, so you are no longer by the current from the socket instructed. Although these devices are more expensive and more difficult, but you have at least one or more hours independent of the normal line current.
  • The great advantages of the vacuum cleaner back are so while sucking in poor zugängigen premises and stairs. You can move around quite freely without being caught on every corner with your normal vacuum cleaner. This type of suction is also widely used by cleaning staff in cinemas or theaters. You can comfortably work between the rows of seats and so should actually be more effective.

Disadvantages compared to cylinder vacuum cleaners

  • The disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner back compared to conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners are, probably first seen once in his weight. The longer you want to suck for example with a battery-powered device to you need as larger batteries for the teat. Larger batteries in turn mean increased weight.
  • Of course, the manufacturers try certainly everything to keep the suckers as light as possible, but if a cleaning woman must wear while performing an operation for half an hour on the back of such a Backpack Vacuums, then it can happen that you ever can set back pain.
  • In addition, such Backpack Vacuums are of course much more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaning. It should be considered in advance exactly, therefore, whether such a purchase is worthwhile.

If you face the advantages the disadvantages, you will see that it matters, for what purpose you want to use this type of vacuum cleaner.

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