Bad conscience for alcohol - so you train a healthy drinking behavior

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Bad conscience for alcohol - so you train a healthy drinking behavior

Alcohol Problem? Bad conscience is a sign.

Why feel guilty for alcohol is a problem

Alcoholism is an addiction. How can you tell whether you are or on the way to an alcoholic?

  • Signs of alcoholism are guilty for alcohol, loss of control over your drinking habits and drinking alcohol hangover.
  • If your life increasingly revolves to provide alcohol supplies and being able to drink alcohol, you have a drinking problem.

The first step to recovery is that you admit to having a drinking problem.

What to do when alcohol becomes a problem?

Consider guilty to alcohol as an alarm signal, and act as quickly as possible before negative consequences of your drinking behavior occur.

  • Check whether you can control your drinking behavior. Make a plan for your daily alcohol consumption, z. B. take the night before than one or two glasses of drink. Keep up your scheme.
  • An aid, to drink less alcohol could be drugs that cause nausea when alcohol consumption. Seek advice from your pharmacist.
  • Find out also about alcoholism and seek help.
  • You could make a psychotherapy or behavioral therapy. How to find a good therapist? Inform yourself in the circle of acquaintances or read articles on the Internet. Go to lectures by therapists.
  • The 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is highly successful in the treatment of alcohol problems. Close up on a group. The goal of therapy is to an abstinence. Controlled drinking behavior is hardly possible for former alcoholics.
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