bake with salt dough - how it works with children

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bake with salt dough - how it works with children

Whether we bake Salzteig today?

Make with children a harmless salt dough

  • Play dough is an excellent budget plasticine. It can, if it is airtight, well be canceled a week in the fridge.
  • Your children can make the most beautiful shapes, images and characters from salt dough. Salt dough you can colorize with food coloring or later paint with acrylic paint.
  • However Salzteigmodelle are only suitable for decorative in the house and not for the garden because rain water would destroy the craft results.
  • But be careful if you see a Salzteigrezept is recommended with the addition of alum. Alums is required in paper fabrication, tanneries and all sulfuric double compounds. In conjunction with salt alum can be very toxic. Therefore: stay away from such a recipe.

Recipe for self jaws

  1. Obtain from the pharmacy some tartaric acid. Tartaric acid helps to maintain the plasticine longer. (Tartaric acid from the pharmacy it has European approval number E 334 for a food additive)
  2. Mix 400 g of flour, 130 grams of salt, 40 g of tartaric acid, 4-6 tbsp cooking oil, 400 ml hot water. But be sure that the children of the hot water can not burn.
  3. Should the mass be too sticky, enter even after some oil and flour.
  4. Bake the salt dough in the oven at an airflow of 75 degrees per centimeter thickness hour, then increase the heat to 25 degrees every half hour. The dough is ready when it sounds hollow as baking the bread tightly.

There are many ways to bake salt dough

  • You can also try a different recipe. For this, mix two cups of flour and a cup of salt with enough water until a smooth dough. You need the salt dough not bake, but simply let dry.
  • Or try it by Mix 300g flour, 300 grams of salt, 1 tablespoon oil, 150 ml water and bake salt dough in the oven at 100/150 degrees.

In any case, you will have fun with your kids.

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