Baked potato pre-cook - so you get it right

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Baked potato pre-cook - so you get it right

Baked potatoes - faster gehts by precooking.

Baked potatoes - with precooking it works

  • Whether in the oven or on the grill: Potatoes in foil are an ideal accompaniment to pan fries or grilled meats.
  • In addition, the cooking in aluminum foil is particularly gentle, not only for potatoes, but also for many other foods such as vegetables. When film Garen remain nutrients and natural flavors largely intact.
  • Who has however already made baked potatoes in the oven or even on the grill, knows that he is time-wise quite excited with this cooking method to the torture. Even small potatoes sometimes need 30 minutes and more, not to mention large potatoes whole. And especially the grill, it can happen that the potatoes outside already are black, but inside not cooked.
  • What could be better than pre-cook the potatoes. After all, you thus reduce the cooking time by about half.
  • Wash ie 1 kg Average large, predominantly waxy potatoes thoroughly and brush the outer surface from.
  • Prick each potato around with a wooden stick several times, so you do not burst during cooking and subsequent cooking in aluminum foil.
  • Now boil the potatoes for about 10 minutes as potatoes in a pot with hot water before. Make sure that the water softly rolling boil.
  • Reposition the still hot potatoes in lightly oiled aluminum foil and wrap. Make sure that the shiny side of the foil comes inwards.
  • In the oven baked potatoes convection then need at 200 ° C a little 20-25 minutes in the charcoal or grill it goes even faster.
  • When pleasant potato fragrance spreads, open the foil and cut the potatoes on the surface crosswise. To check whether the potato is cooked. Anything short on the grill.
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