baking marble cake

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baking marble cake

The marble cake is a very popular sponge.

First, stir the dough for the marble cakes

  1. For Marmorkuchen stir out the butter with the sugar and the vanilla sugar for about 5 minutes nice fluffy. A marble cake is a classic sponge cake, which means that you should mix the ingredients first quiet time so that the cake is then beautifully airy and fluffy.
  2. Beat now gradually into the eggs and stir under this. Each egg should be about half a minute to be stirred before you pour in the next.
  3. Now mix the flour with the baking powder and sift it. To the dough With the mixer the flour is mixed in uniform and as short as possible with the addition of some milk. The flour is stirred for not too long, because the dough otherwise makes tough and the cake at the end is dry.
  4. Grease a Gugelhupf- or a large springform pan thoroughly and sprinkle them with flour or breadcrumbs. Fill in about 2/3 of the dough and spread it smooth beautiful.
  5. In the rest of the dough, stir now cocoa as and enter the dark dough now also in the baking pan.

Cake and bake marmorieren

  1. Before baking the cake nor its marbling which gives it its name needs. To do this, drag a fork once spiraling through the dough. The bright and dark batter mix at these locations and there is the beautiful marble pattern.
  2. Bake in a preheated oven (170 ° C) is the cake about 55 - 60 minutes baked. Make according to the baking time definitely the toothpick. If no more dough stick, the cake is cooked.
  3. After baking, the cake should be well cooled. Then you can sprinkle him with powdered sugar or covered with a chocolate glaze.

Good Appetite!

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