Balcony plants shade - these plants are suitable for locations with poor lighting

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Balcony plants shade - these plants are suitable for locations with poor lighting

Many balcony plants suitable for shady locations.

Balcony plants - assemble decorative arrangements for dark locations

It need not necessarily be a disadvantage to have a shaded balcony, since this provides in planting also several advantages.

  • For just as sunny balconies also darker locations can be precisely fitted so colorful and attractive flowering and green plants.
  • In particular, the growing in shaded conditions plants need not be protected against intense sunlight, otherwise quickly burns on sensitive leaves are the result.
  • You can also Blühpflanzen verdure like ivy that thrives well in shaded conditions plants together to achieve such beautiful contrasts and feature many different balcony plants.
  • You can set the plants in the window boxes, you fill it with potting soil and humus, so that the nutritious and well drained soil provides support and nutrients. Even the bucket attitude most plants are suitable, but you should pay attention to a part necessary drainage (water drainage hole) to prevent root rot.

Select the appropriate plants for the shady site

To integrate different aspects and growth behaviors of balcony plants on the balcony, growing plants can be selected both upright and hanging.

  • For shady balconies among the upright plants begonia has proved that can be easily combined with the impatiens. The species-rich genus Fuchsia, which also use little light to form beautiful and vigorous flowers can complement the Arrangement decorative.
  • To make next to dainty flowering plants design decorative and with many different plants, you can also cultivate hydrangeas and boxwood trees in shady locations as balcony plants. These are suitable for the bucket attitude, being necessary to ensure the adequate drainage, so that no backwater forms in the root zone and can these be lazy.
  • To spend the bloom and blaze of color in the air, you can also incorporate continuous flowering and green plants into the design. When hanging plants for hanging baskets to ivy, lobelia and attractive fan flower that stands out with bright blue-purple flowers are produced.
  • As secret among balcony plants for shady places also the astilbe (alternative name: Astilbe) have proven, they are available in various color combinations such as red, pink, white. In the event that you do not want to put in the pot the plants, but the window box, you should choose low grades, they can be combined with the impatiens example very nice.

Accordingly does not mean a shady balcony necessarily mean that you can cultivate no Blüh- or green plants, but also here you have a large number of various copies available.

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