Balcony plants winterize - Instructions

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Balcony plants winterize - Instructions

This balcony plants survive in the cold season, you have to do this winter.

To protect your balcony plants from cold

  • Protect properly from the cold your balcony plant: Prevent protective sheath around the flower pots made from coconut fiber or filled with foliage Jutesack that the root in very cold weather damaged.
  • Ask your balcony plants on wooden boards or styrofoam plates. This makes the flowers winterized, because it protects against cold and wet feet.
  • On frosty days especially evergreen balcony plants need special protection. The best way to make your balcony plants fast winterizing, because when the ground is frozen, it provides the plant no water. A shell which protects the leaves is ideal for this. A web which is placed in freezing temperatures on the leaves, preventing the leaves of your balcony plant dry out or burn and makes them winterized.
  • So that your balcony plants are not just for winter, but also decorative decorate balconies and terraces in this time, you can be creative: you get as burlap in different colors, and it can be filled with colorful autumn leaves and colored ribbons or bands, decorative order the pots drape.
  • To protect and jewelry can be balcony plants with, for example, with cushions of moss, lichen, pine branches and cones decorate. Color bring, for example, the orange fruit of Lampionblume or bright red rosehips. Who still adorns the winterized balcony with a string of lights, which can be happy even in dark days of his balcony plants.
  • Some nurseries offer a winter service. Whoever does not have the ability to winterize sensitive balcony plants and bring over the winter, which can his balcony plants against frost until spring when gardeners and winterfert accommodate in the greenhouse.
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