Bamboo winterize - that you should be aware

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Bamboo winterize - that you should be aware

Bamboo should be protected in winter.

Bamboo - Plant care and needs

Bamboo is a beautiful and evergreen alternative for the garden, yard or patio.

  • Basically, you should already when acquiring bamboo make sure that this is largely resistant to the cold, so as to limit the measures to winterize the plant to a minimum.
  • You should plant bamboo individually at the appropriate location or keep in the bucket, because in this way, which belongs to the grasses greenhouse unfold perfectly.
  • Think upon insertion into the ground to the rhizome or root barrier, because bamboo forms underground root suckers from crawling under the earth, and cast in another place back up. In this way you avoid the root barrier that the bamboo completely propagated over the years in your garden and even grows back again when cutting the shoots. The Rhizomsperren get as thick "Plane" in garden shops and on the Internet.
  • Pour your bamboo to make you winterize, also frost-free days regularly since the plant operates in winter photosynthesis because the foliage is not repelled. Thus you can avoid frost drought damage, by supplying in winter bamboo with water, the soil should not be frozen, since otherwise there can be no water absorption.

make effective winterizing The exotic greenhouse

With different tools you can make the bamboo winterized. It depends on whether the plant is housed in containers or directly in the ground.

  • If you have placed your bamboo in a pot, you should do this also winterized. Given back the bucket wall of a house, so that it is not exposed to the frost. In addition, you should cover the aerial part with fleece and easily tie together so that water evaporation is reduced. placed on polystyrene sheets can not damage the root area of ​​the frost. If necessary, you can use air cushion foil wrap the pot and secure it with tape when it comes to a young or new bamboo plant.
  • If the bamboo embedded in the ground, you should cover a large area with a 10 cm thick layer of bark mulch or leaves the root zone and fix them with stones, for example. In this way, the frost can not reach to the root system. At the same time also lends itself to fleece to protect the shoots and leaves against particularly hard or prolonged periods of frost.

Most bamboo species suffer in winter rather lack of water with dry leaves as below freezing. Therefore, the watering in winter are very important so that the bamboo is not dried up.

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