Banknote painted - what to do?

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Banknote painted - what to do?

Painted bills may be invalidated.

When a bill loses its validity

Banknotes made of paper and are thus stable, but not unbreakable. So it may happen that a bill is no longer useful - for example, if it breaks. But even with a pre malter certificate may lose its validity. If your child or you slip even with the pen and land one or two dashes on the cash, you do not have to worry. So it was a long time, for example, "In" to leave on bank notes a sign, to see if they eventually regains accidentally. Central banks see such small damages not like, but they do not alter the validity of a certificate. The situation is different, when a bill is completely painted. Are the control points that distinguish the appearance of counterfeit money, no longer recognizable and usable, you can no longer use the certificate. But what to do in this case?

paintable bill - so the money is not lost

  • When a bill is so strongly colored that it is no longer usable, get help from the nearest Bundesbank branch. You can find one in your area on the official website.
  • Take the painted slip with there and explain what happened. Normally, you replace the local bank teller the note without difficulty by a new one.
  • The exchange you should not be uncomfortable: more than 30 million euros to be submitted annually to the Bundesbank for damage.
  • However, you should watch what you do with your notes. Is indeed apparent that a deliberate painting of the note took place, the bank is not obliged to exchange it. That is: If you make fun the 10 on the ticket to a 100 or put your signature large on the note, the Bundesbank will not believe you may find that a child has abated it. Then it may be that you hold on to the money worthless.

If a child anmalt a bill that is a mishap. But the Bundesbank shows understanding. They even play it safe by leaving no bill come in the near pins.

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