Baptism: Clothing - sew Taufkleidchen itself

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Baptism: Clothing - sew Taufkleidchen itself

A christening gown need not be complicated.

Beautiful clothes for Täuflinge

  • As material provides a good option to the wedding dress of mom or grandma. So the dress of a beautiful and appropriate use is supplied. You can also buy a white batiste or embroidery fabric, if no suitable dress is available or willing to offer no wedding dress.
  • There is a whole series of cuts for Taufkleidung the net. Most of these instructions, however, are rather complicated and more for experienced seamstresses.

As you can see below, there is another way, for a dress for baptism can also have a very simple interface.

Simple Dress for baptism

  1. Cut out the fabric a rectangle measuring 60 cm wide and about 60 - 80 cm in length, depending on how long you want the christening gown. Skirting the fabric on all sides.
  2. Weave on the side, which should be above, at a distance of one and two centimeters from the substance per a marking thread. Gather these together to about 40 cm.
  3. Sew now left to right Borte narrowly missing the edge. Put a seam up and down along the edge of the border. This forms in this way a tunnel. Leave the tunnel necessarily at the beginning and at the end open. Now remove the stitching yarns.
  4. Cut from the cloth a rectangle that is approximately 10 cm wide and 50 cm long. Place these strips together so that it is 5 cm wide. Steppes along the cut edge of a seam, which is about half a centimeter from the edge. Overcast the raw edge with zigzag stitches. Apply strips to. Ironing it like that the seam is located in the exact center.
  5. The rectangle with the border forms the actual christening gown. It is worn so that the two open sides lie behind the border runs just under the arms of the child to the body. Sew the back two snaps to close the dress. Make sure this does not close the tunnel.
  6. Put off the strip two carriers at the dress. Again, make sure again that the tunnel is not sewn. The carrier should be so far apart that you can easily pull the dress over the child's head.
  7. Now you can enter the tunnel, depending on the sex of the child, pulling a ribbon in pink or blue. To have a suitable dress for the christening of boys and girls.

Combine the dress with a plain white Babyjäckchen and beanie.

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