Barbour Jackets grow - so treat the English Wax Jacket

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Barbour Jackets grow - so treat the English Wax Jacket

The wax makes the Barbour jacket indestructible.

Regular waxing protects your Barbour jacket

  1. Your Barbour jacket needs a new layer of wax if the jacket isolated passages appear dry. Especially at stress points, the wax is quickly abraded. Here only prevents timely waxes consequential damages such as torn seams.
  2. You can not only repair your Barbour jacket in repair service of Barbour, but can also grow. The use of this service is not cheap, but does your wax jacket then like new.
  3. When you buy a Barbour jacket you usually get a can of Barbour wax to impregnate your jacket and even can. If you do not have wax, it is worthwhile to invest in the original product. Improper wax varieties could ruin the fabric of the jacket.
  4. Put your Barbour jacket to grow on a layer of newspaper to protect the surface from stains.
  5. Dampen a soft cloth with cold water and remove with it as thoroughly as possible the dirt from the coat. Even when heavily soiled you may not use any detergent.
  6. Heat a little water in a saucepan and place the can with Barbour wax in the hot water until the wax begins to melt.
  7. Wait until the jacket back is dry and distribute now with a dry cloth sparingly wax on the fabric. Work in small movements carefully and do not forget the wax into the fabric, the seams of the jacket.
  8. Once you have dealt with all parts of the wax jacket, take a hair dryer and blow warm air over the Barbour jacket. It is best to hang the Barbour jacket for a coat hanger. Due to the heat the wax spread and penetrate deeper into the fabric.
  9. Finally, do not rub with a clean, dry cloth gently over the Barbour jacket, to remove excess wax.
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