Base curve at contact lenses - significance of the value

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Base curve at contact lenses - significance of the value

The contact lens fitting for the right fit

The base curve with contact lenses

Before you wear contact lenses for the first time, you should determine your exact values ​​of the eyes of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The base curve is, for contact lenses of the values ​​which is determined at a contact lens fitting.

  • The base curve is specified in the contact lens pass as BC value. This value gives the required curvature of the lenses, and depends on the nature of the cornea.
  • The BC-value is expressed in millimeters. If the BC-specified value, for example 8.6, then the base curve is 8.6 millimeters.
  • If it is a high BC value, then you need as contact lenses with a smaller curvature. At low levels, they are more curved.
  • All contact lens manufacturers indicate the base curve of the lens on the packaging with. Usually there is a lens model two or three versions with different curvatures. The default value for soft daily lenses is 8.6 millimeters. But there are also variants with a BC value of 8.4 or 8.9.
  • Some manufacturers also the radius is specified instead of the BC-value. However, these are the same values.

can determine the proper values ​​for contact lenses

  • The ophthalmologist or optometrist performs eye glasses or contact lens fitting determination. These studies all relevant values ​​can be determined which are necessary for supporting the contact lenses. This data is then recorded on the pass.
  • The values ​​in the contact lens pass among other sphere to determine the nearsightedness or farsightedness, cylinder as the value of astigmatism, the DIA value for the required diameter of the contact lens and the BC value for determination of the contact lens curvature.
  • Contact lenses should be worn at all times for the sake of eye health only with the determined values. Even with small deviations can suffer the eyes and the comfort. Especially with a base curve chosen by mistake to the wrong selected lenses noticeable on a too loose or too tight.
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